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Talented and Gifted Professionals

Tagpros is an acronym for Talented and Gifted Professionals, a spin-off from Tagalogpro, a teacher exchange initiative Chris is trying to establish at that time to help Filipino educators get visiting and training opportunities in the US school system. At the height of the pandemic, he took a detour to virtual and supplemental education when he saw his own school-aged children, who are both doing well in school, were suddenly having a hard time learning because their teachers were struggling to convey lessons online.

A deadly pathogen hit

the world on March 11, 2020;

and the story of Tagpros begins, as the COVID-19 pandemic closed millions of schools in the next few weeks. All children, of all ages, and in all countries, were affected; and their education was shut down to protect them from potential harm and even death. It was then when Tagpros Children was founded by US educator Chris Manansala as he wrote an online pedagogy in his home in Virginia, to be helmed by outstanding, english speaking, and passionate teachers to supplement education of children online. Later, he brought in award-winning educator Jim Tuscano from the Philippines; and computer scientist and Ateneo professor Ernesto Boydon, author and important pillar of the Philippine ICT industry, to help him further develop a Professional 

Learning Community (PLC) he named Tagpros Children.


Sir Chris Profile.png
Christian S. Manansala, M. Ed
Sir Jim Profile.png
Francis Jim Tuscano
Sir Boogie Profile.png
Ernesto "Boogie" Boydon, MSCS

TCI  was founded in 2020, at the height of the Pandemic, by a team of visionary educators, technologists, and entrepreneurs, consisting of US-based Education Technologist and Social Entrepreneur Chris Manansala, Computer Scientist, Educator,  and Technology Entrepreneur Ernesto ‘Boogie’ Boydon, and Xavier School Technology Director and Educator Francis Jim Tuscano (San Juan, Manila).  


The company was born out of a shared belief in the transformative power of technology to revolutionize supplemental education and improve learning outcomes for students in the Philippines to thrive and learn in the ongoing pandemic. With a mission to create innovative and accessible learning solutions, TCI’s innovations set out to bridge the gap between traditional education and the possibilities offered by emerging technologies.


“To build a learning community where teachers and children can access the best supplemental and digital learning experience from anywhere.”


“To create practices, programs, and partnerships to foster an inspired learning environment for teachers, parents and children.”


Tagpros Children has also closed numerous sponsorships from our partners for faculty professional development of selected schools across the country to help provide supplemental instructions;  funded an After-School Mathematics instructions for selected elementary students of St. Leo the Great Catholic School in Fairfax VA USA with US Filipino-American Organizations; and  provided pro-bono test review in support of senior students of Multiple Intelligence School in Quezon City for the 2023 UPCAT Examination. 


Because of our various pro bono professional development webinars shared with teachers and school districts in the United States, Europe, and Asia at the height of the ongoing pandemic, our mother entity, Tagpros Children International, was recently endorsed by the United States’ Department of Education as one of its official  tutoring and professional development providers for its YOU STEM Program for  thousands of  US school districts.  


TAGPROS at the 2023
Digital Governance Awards 

We sponsored the Digital Governance Awards in the Philippines, organized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology, and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines,  to support our cause of providing quality education with accessible technology.

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