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Tagpros is a spinoff from its recruitment firm Tagalogpro Solutions based in Fairfax VA; and has been in the business of connecting passionate teachers with great, reputable schools since 2012. Since then, we have built a reputation of professionalism and reliability with our candidates as well as many of the most respected schools in Asia.

International teacher recruitment was our main focus for a long period of time, but we’re thrilled to start  working with numerous  U.S. schools that are in need of fantastic U.S. teachers! We are currently working with a variety of school districts, independent, and charter schools throughout specific U.S. markets, and we plan to continue branching out to more regions and states.If you currently work for a school in the U.S. that needs help with the hiring process, please get in touch with us today!

We are soon releasing a web and mobile platform that would help you hire these teachers fast and on time for the next school year.

This particular technology, in addition to its incredible database and profile of teachers, will provide you with educators' self-introduction videos, and their live virtual classes, enabling you to vet and find the right candidates for your vacancies. Also, we are providing a dedicated account manager who is your sole point of contact, a customized hiring solution to meet your school’s needs, and utilization of our clout around the world.

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