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Asian Children playing games inside the classroom with the teacher observing in the background

Remediate learning loss, and be remembered by a grateful constituency

Let's help thousands of children learn; bring hope to their families, and rally an entire community, with you at the helm.

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Learning Infinity

At Tagpros Children, we aim to provide quality high-dosage tutoring to students in  public schools around the Philippines by, recruiting our very own educators whom we call our Tagpros Fellows. Fellows will participate in the National Remediation Program is our pilot project in combating the learning loss of students brought by the pandemic.


Already a Tagpros Fellow? Start tutoring now by proceeding to our National Remediation Program portal!


Logo of The Tagpros Learning Loss Remediation program


Children seated at their desks while looking up at their teacher at school
Text that says "In a typical year, students can lose up to 2 months of math and reading skills during the summer months. Due to COVID-19, experts fear learning loss will be much steeper, with students losing 30% of reading and 50% of math knowledge gained from the last school year."
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